In 2022 we commemorated and celebrated the 50 year milestone of Pride in the UK and are excited to be back again this year with London's iconic Pride Parade on July 1st 2023.

Pride in London aims to deliver a diverse, inclusive, community centred parade that is accessible to all based on our core values of Visibility, Unity and Equality.

London's Pride event is a significant day on the LGBT+ calendar, one that brings our communities together to have that moment in the spotlight and for allies and or spectators to show solidarity and cheers us on.

First Time?

Applications are currently open for organisations and groups only. This is for established community groups, employee networks, non-profits, public sector and businesses to take part in the parade.

If you want to take part in the parade as an individual, or within a small group of friends then please keep an eye on our website for news about individual and flagbearers participation!

What's especially useful is our guidance notes which contain information about what you can expect on the day, and in-depth information about the registration process.

Done this before?

If you've been in the parade before then we still encourage you to read all information and guidance to refresh your memory but we'd like to highlight the following changes

  • Group registrations are now on a first-come-first-serve, once full we will operate a waitlist with priority given to LGBT+ organisations
  • We have expanded what requires a float entry. This is to help with space management and to ensure we review all additions to the parade. Large Inflatables, bicycles, rickshaws, tuktuks, boats, multi-person puppets, dragons all now require a float entry.
  • New pricing for 2023 is in effect, we have retained free entry for LGBT Community Groups and frozen the price of a float for LGBT Community Groups. A full price table is below.

2023 Parade Entry Fees

Pricing is based off the category of group that you are applying for. Please ensure that you apply in the correct category as otherwise your application may be rejected.

Each wristband allocated is charged, please not prices listed are per wristband.

During the registration process you will also be asked to donate an additional 20% to our Unity Fund. This is entirely option and does not impact your parade application.

All applications are subject to minimum or specific allocations, as shown below.

Group Type


+ Float 

LGBT+ Community Group

Wristbands: 20 to 80




LGBT+ Business

Wristbands: 35 or 70



Nonprofits, Unions & Public Sector

Wristbands: 50



Company Entry (LGBT+ Employee Networks)

Wristbands: 50 (any) or 70 (with float only)



pw = per wristband, *Fees are exclusive of VAT - 20%

Applications for Pride in London Parade 2023 are now closed.