Remember the Clause Season

  • Plays and Theatre

7 July 2018

6:30pm to 10:00pm

From £10

The Courtyard

40 Pitfield Street, London N1 6EU


Accessible Toilets, Service animals welcome.

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We will be performing three LGBTQ plays over 3 weeks commencing 19th June and ending on 7th July which falls directly in Pride week. As you are more than likely aware it is 30 years this year since Margaret Thatchers government implanted Section 28 in British Law in 1988. We are producing 3 plays in order to highlight this and remind people how far we have come as a community since. All or Nothing Repertory Theatre Company’s first season aims to highlight the 30 year anniversary of this terrible law. We have a version for Measure for Measure by William Shakespeare which swaps genders and sexualities of characters. The law implemented by Angelo is Section 28, a ban on same sex relationships, which see’s Juliet imprisoned and Claudia set for a far worse fate as the punishment for breaking this law is the death penalty, still, to this day a consequence of being gay in 8 countries around the world. As Is by William M Hoffman is a beautiful play in which two estranged lovers return to each other during the AIDS crisis in New York. They must rely on each other as their government and those around them do not support them. The Importance of Being Earnest is a hilarious romp of mistaken identity and mishap which was written by the British Isles most celebrated wit. Oscar Wilde was a fabulous writer and dramatist but he was also gay. His government at the time arrested him for it and like many other famous LGBTQ figures in our history served prison time purely for who he loved. We are immensely proud of our LGBTQ members and families here at All or Nothing Rep and want to do everything we can to help get the word out about these productions. We would of course help in any way we could with Pride.

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