Pride Pledges

Here's what we expect of all organisations participating in the parade

The Pride Pledge is a set of requirements that Pride in London has for all organisations wishing to take part in any and all Pride in London events. These are in line with our values of Visibility, Unity, and Equality and are in place to ensure that are all organisations that participate at any Pride in London event are:

  • actively increasing the visibility of LGBT+ people
  • working to unite LGBT+ people
  • ensuring that there are policies in place in their organisation that promote diversity, equality and inclusion.

The Pride Pledge

Expectations for all participating organisations:

  • To be proactive in their stance on anti-racism, gender equality, disability inclusion and all parts of the LGBT+ communities.
  • To provide evidence of their work in championing diversity equality and inclusion with regards to the following: Sexuality, Gender, Gender identity,  Race,  Age,  Nationality,  Disability,  Appearance,  Religion.
  • To provide evidence of continuous support for the LGBT+ community (e.g. proof of donation to LGBT+ charities, taking part in LGBT+ initiatives throughout the year, etc.).
  • To be inclusive regardless of sexuality, gender, gender identity, race, age, nationality, disability, appearance, and religion.
  • To be able to demonstrate the proactive steps they have taken to minimise their impact on the environment and follow the sustainability guidance issued.

Should an organisation fail to meet any of these requirements, Pride in London reserves the right to reject their application to participate in all and any Pride in London events until the pledges are met.