Terms & Conditons 

All stallholders are bound by these and were agreed by you when you submitted your application:

  1. Organisations and brands exhibiting at Pride in London must be fully inclusive of everyone in the LGBTQ+ community.
  2. All organisations, brands and their representatives must adhere to our Code of Conduct and commit to our Pride    Pledges.
  3. The stall provided by Pride in London comprises a 3m x 3m (5m x 5m on North Terrace) marquee with three side walls and a roof.  Unless otherwise booked, no electricity is provided.
  4. A 6ft folding trestle table and 2 chairs will be provided per stall. 
  5. The following items are prohibited: liquid or gas fuel generators, amplified music, smoke and smoke effects and strobe lighting.
  6. Exhibitors must not give away fresh food, alcohol, stickers, plastic or fabric carrier bags, confetti or any other item that causes excessive litter.
  7. All plastic ‘giveaways’ (e.g. pens, stickers) are prohibited. Stalls giving out such items will be asked to immediately cease, followed by removal from the event, with no refund of stall fees. In any event all items given away or traded must be agreed with Pride in London and the Local Authority.
  8. No fundraising is permitted except for Pride in London. 
  9. Exhibitors’ stalls must be ready and staffed at all times from 11:30am - 20:30pm on Saturday 29th June 2024 (open to the public from 12:00pm - 20:00pm). Exhibitors must not close or break down their stall early. If they do so, they may be subject to a penalty of £500 and prohibited from future Pride in London events.
  10. Parking will be available within 100m of the stall for unloading and loading only, during an allocated time slot; exhibitors must make their own arrangements for parking any vehicle(s) away from the entire Pride in London site for the duration of the day. Any parking fees, fines, congestion charge or ULEZ charge are entirely the stallholders responsibility
  11. Pride in London is committed to accessibility and parity of usage. Any price lists must be available in large print (at least 26pt font).
  12. Disability awareness is required at all times (including but not limited to wheelchair users, restricted mobility, deaf, hard of hearing and blind people).
  13. Exhibitors must arrive on time during their allocated arrival slot.  Exhibitors who arrive late may be denied access to their stall.
  14. Exhibitors must keep their stall neat, tidy and presentable throughout the day.
  15. Nothing may be affixed to the stall by any means.
  16. Any damage to the stall will be charged to the exhibitor.
  17. Exhibitors must have a written risk assessment and may be asked to show it on the day. Exhibitors must not permit access to their stall to anyone who is apparently heavily intoxicated, and must not allow anyone to sleep in their stall.
  18. Exhibitors are strongly advised against consuming alcohol in their stall to maintain a professional and safe environment.
  19. Smoking and/or vaping is not allowed in any stall. The promotion of smoking, vaping or nicotine replacement products is forbidden.
  20. There is no provision of mains water and no collection of waste. Exhibitors must remove all waste from their stall at the end of the day. Exhibitors who leave waste, or leave it by public bins, may be fined by the Council.
  21. Under exceptional circumstances, Pride in London reserves the right to relocate a booking to a different location or cancel an offer. Refunds will only be issued for cancellations made at the sole discretion of Pride in London.
  22. Upon submitting the application, the booking becomes non-cancellable and non-refundable, and the invoice is due. If Pride in London successfully resells a stall initially booked by a confirmed exhibitor, any potential refund will be determined at the discretion of Pride in London.
  23. Payment of invoices is required within 7 days of issuance. Pride in London reserves the right to cancel any booking if payment is not received within this timeframe.
  24. Exhibitors are prohibited from selling, lending, transferring, or sub-letting the stall to any other party.
  25. The decisions made by Pride in London are considered final. Exhibitors are required to comply with all reasonable requests from a Pride in London Director or Event Manager.

Exhibitors who trade (i.e. sell any item or service) from their stall (except in St Giles) must:

  • apply to Westminster City Council for a temporary trading licence. It is the exhibitors’ responsibility to apply by Friday 7th June 2024 (but recommend doing this as soon as possible) quoting the event code E40786. Fee's will be invoiced by Pride in London
  • check with Westminster City Council that there are no restriction on the sale or giveaway of their intended promotional items, products and/or services.
  • provide proof of £3m of public liability insurance when applying for a temporary trading licence and on demand to Pride in London or Local Authority officers on the day.
  • submit an itemised price list of all items for sale to Pride in London for approval before the event.